Condominium Insurance

Condominium Insurance

Your condominium association may cover the outer structure and common areas of your condominium, but what about the interior? If you’re counting on your condominium association’s insurance policy to cover your unit, you may have a risky gap in coverage. Protect your personal belongings and your assets by purchasing a condominium insurance policy.

A condominium insurance policy can provide coverage for:

Personal Possessions

Your appliances, dishes, electronics, clothing and any other valuables are protected. Use a Home Inventory Checklist to itemize your personal belongings.


Your condominium policy may protect your assets from liability claims if someone is injured on your property or if you (or a family member) are accused of injury or damage to others.

Additional Living Expenses

If a loss occurs, your policy may cover temporary living expenses while you’re waiting for your home to be repaired. This may include shelter, food and relocation costs.

Additional Coverage

Ask your agent about covering unique or valuable items, like fine art or jewelry, by adding an endorsement to your policy.