Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to be there when you need us, by having your interest in mind in everything we do.

Our Value Proposition

In today’s uncertain world, Centauri Insurance provides financial protection and peace of mind for our stakeholders while minimizing risks with innovative solutions and personalized service. We strive to be the partner of choice for customers, insurance agents and employees seeking enduring relationships built on a foundation of trust guided by our core values and competencies.

Our Core Values & Competencies Defined

  • Resilient

    Dependable, financially steady, persistent when faced with challenges

  • Strategic

    Savvy and resourceful seeking innovative solutions

  • Transparent

    Always dealing honestly and openly, maintaining clear communication

  • Reliable

    Building strong long-lasting relationships based on trust, keeping promises and honoring commitments

  • Nimble

    Attentive, reacting swiftly and skillfully in all situations